Monday, June 15, 2015

Betrothed Original Painting Acquired by Art Collector

My painting "Betrothed" is now sold, acquired by one of my "deep" collectors residing in Connecticut. We are both excited about her selection of this piece to add to her art collection. 

Betrothed 20x16in Robin Maria Pedrero

Here is a repost regarding this work 

There is much folklore about butterflies and dragonflies.
 The Zuni people saw butterflies as indicators of weather to come.
White butterflies meant the summer weather was about to begin

This is a wonderful Irish Blessing:

“May the wings of the butterfly kiss the sun, and find your
shoulder to light on to bring you luck, happiness and riches”

There are many myths and beliefs of symbolic metamorphosis regarding the butterfly.
Butterflies remind us of rebirth, love, hope, and freedom. 
Some believe that the white butterfly symbolizes the soul of departed ones.

The Japanese consider a lovely female in a kimono to resemble a white butterfly. 
In Japan the dragonfly is emblematic of martial success. 

If you were to read this painting like a book what would the story be for you?

Let me know if you get a pillow I'd love to see how you use it with your decor. 
Thanks for sharing in my art and joys!

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Angela Taylor said...

You asked If you were to read this painting like a book what would the story be for you.
My answer is it would be the story of life. The flowers represent people to me. Flowers blossom and grow to be something beautiful over time, just as people often do. The butterflies are like those that have passed. You don’t see butterflies all the time, because they are usually flying. Still, like souls of those passed are often around. We just don’t always see them, ever so often though; they’ll land making themselves seen. As those butterflies do in the painting. That’s what I see anyway…wonderfully done.