Tuesday, June 30, 2015

My Angels; an angel and a sweet golden dog

My daughter often calls her golden retriever doggie an angel, such an angel dog as a matter of fact. Here's a pic of when I went to walk her angel dog one day.  In my studio I had painted an angel and I hummed remembering my daughter's song from when she was a 6 year old, as she danced and spinned in the yard singing "I'm an angel" echo in my head. Then I envisioned a version of this sweet golden and hence the title "My Angels". That's how it happens, the connectivity of thoughts in my mind as I paint.

 I wanted the dog in my painting to not be so specific as a retriever, where one could also associate a few similar looking breeds. 

A dear collector saw this painting and instantly recalled the loss of her sweet angel doggie and reserved the original piece for her art collection.  Thank you!


I have designed accessories and home decor with this darling image. 

Framing as you wish is also an option

There's so many choices in my  FAA shop
if you need advice just ask. 

Have a wonderful day!

"Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares"

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Cynthia Koch said...

I love it!!

Robin Pedrero said...

Thank you sweet Cindy!

Mary the Contrariest One said...

What a sweet and wonderful story and painting!

Angela Taylor said...

Beautiful work. Wonderfully done Robin. *HUGS*