Thursday, June 11, 2015

Visiting Washington DC

What is natural? 

One of my favorite places to see art that I especially enjoy are the sculpture gardens. Today I saw a favorite sculptors work just before the entrance to the National Women's Museum. I love her work in Chicago so I was psyched to see these here in DC. 

I'm fond of food trucks so I had to sample a small bite from one. 

Then while walking to the museum I discovered  a farmers market!

This drink Fruitive was great! 

It is a hope, dream and goal of mine to one day have my work in The National Museum of Women in the Arts. I sat in the cafe having lunch dwelling on art and dreams, doodling on the table. Btw the good was very good. 

I really enjoyed the curatorial descriptions of the Organic Matters exhibit. Check it out if you can, it's up through Sept 13 2015. 

Walking by the art supply store I grabbed a new palette, as mine is massively  heavy with paint, I can't wait to break it in! 

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