Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Defining the best title together

There are some stationary items in my studio, however the center tables and work on the walls are frequently moved as I create. I'm sharing a moment here, where I was working directly on the wall for the large crow and cup painting. Then as that dries I keep going and work on a trio of solitary trees in pink skies. 

What's that quote? 

That actually happens to me. 
I paint spurred by emotion. 
I paint my thoughts and responses to life, dreams and experiences.
So how did this large 48 x 48 inch painting of the CUP of Coffee with a crow holding an olive branch come to be? And as you read think title and share your responses. 

quick snap shot in studio of work in progress

To start with I awaken frequently during the night, sometimes with complete visions, or ideas, I can't completely say that these are dreams as I'm usually awake or just coming out of sleep.  In developing my solo exhibit I did not start with a theme, I just began painting. Newsletter subscribers saw details of the process,  and blog followers may recall  (pinterest page images of studio) I began with a blank studio room. I painted wanting the work to pour out and to then build more works as the theme developed. I also knew I wanted to incorporate my symbolic subjects and or themes. I noted on my art sites I have subject matter that falls into categories; cups, crows, landscapes, flowers, gardens, trees and more. I studied some of the works in progress and some pieces that stood out in my mind that people had used to communicate via gifting. I awakened thinking of connectivity being one of my personal main objectives and making sure I'd have a cohesive solo exhibit at the Lake Eustis Museum of Art. The filled cup symbolizes comfort, nourishment, energizing, relaxing, tasty, aromatic, and a "place" where people dwell with their thoughts, or share together making memories, connecting, or taking care of business, or meeting for a variety of reasons. 
Let me back up a bit. I painted the landscape. Then watched it. Yup, for a few weeks. Then I kept seeing the cup in my minds eye, so I bravely drew a giant cup over the landscape. I live working around the piece in my studio for a period of time and then I awaken in the middle of the night envisioning the crow in front of the cup. I follow through and paint it, knowing it's blackness will forever change the painting and there's no turning back. I keep thinking there's more to this story than just a large cup of coffee, that is clear but full and not sure why because it is clear but my mind references , 

1 Corinthians 13:12King James Version (KJV)

12 For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now 
I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.

and what's up with the crow, he looks good, but he is a messenger so what say he? Then I recall the gifting of my work and how often people have purchased my olive pieces to give to another as a token of peace, good intent and home and hearth cooking.
That was it an olive branch!
As I began to build sculptures for my exhibit I used gold on the rim of the pieces, so to give more cohesiveness to the exhibit in progress I placed a metallic gold rim, just like the italian cups in my mother's hutch, on the cup in this painting.

SO I'm mulling over titles playing with alliteration, but also thinking search friendly, interesting, or can I do simple? "Corvus Coffee with Peace Offering" ...hmm so I share my thoughts with my student as I pull up the thesaurus, explaining my take on the piece that I've painted, how people meet and connect, sometimes it's a way to begin again, sometimes just a warm rekindling, over cups of coffee.. I look at the piece, at the solid cup, shown by the drip on the side,  that is also transparent, the steamy aromatic cup, the crow, the messenger with the peace offering, I think on forgiveness, secrets and openness coming forth, I think on moving on from the past, the sun shining pushing the darker sky away. That messenger is undeterred by the shiny items, a ring and tiny living creatures in the grass. There's a marble in the corner of the grass.. found items always have a story. I reflected on relating the marble to losing one's marbles, in the way one might in a disruptive time in a relationship, and how here, the messenger has put it aside and chosen a peace offering.  So back to the student who responded, why not just call it Peace Meeting? And loose my alliteration and the cool Corvus word.. hmm
Ok the possibilities of stories here are so interesting and I look forward to your response. I often like the title to be vague enough or perhaps mutable is a better word, so that other stories can be told.
Forgive my writing, it's posted like speaking to you and I'm primarily a visual artist, who likes to share by blogging. What say you?

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