Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Zinnias Garden with Monarch Butterfly

This painting Zinnias Garden is inspired by the zinnias I planted which are growing in my garden. I walk to my mailbox everyday and can't help but snap pics with my iphone, yes it's a little much, but they always seem to be growing in a new way way or have some little joy to share. There are parts of this painting which are derived from life experiences and other parts which are created from my imagination. 

Zinnias Garden by Robin Maria Pedrero

I enjoy these colors, the various shades of greens going from yellow green to deep evergreen and minty greens. There is a bird nesting, hiding in the foliage. 
One of the aspects I so enjoy about painting is being able to mix real and imagined things, sometimes lending towards design or whimsy. So there are flowers that a specific to living species and some which I just paint thinking of a flower.  I also play with the negative spaces as well, as I build the layers of the paint. 

Zinnias come in 20 species of flowers. Zinnias bloom from summer until frost comes. I love that zinnias come in an array of colors, they can be multi-colors too. Zinnias are yellow, orange, white, red, rose, pink, purple, lilac and multi-colored blooms. Zinnia varieties include both miniatures and giants that range from about a foot to over three feet tall. 
Butterflies adore zinnias. My garden is alive with buzzing bees and many varieties of butterflies. 

The original will be first seen at my opening reception at the Lake Eustis Museum of Art Sept 18th.  I do have reproductions of this garden painting here

If you are tempted to make some decorating changes there's some great options with this image.

Huggable Zinnias!

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