Sunday, September 27, 2015

Principle 8 Try to Honestly See Things From The Other Person's Point of View

Dale Carnegie shared this principle
Principle 8 "Try to Honestly See Things From The Other Person's Point of View"
This is helpful in so many aspects, yet I especially like to utilize this concept with my art. Yes in the making and creative process but even more so in the viewing and sharing of my art with others.

Here's a couple of my adored collectors at the opening of my first solo museum exhibit reception at the Lake Eustis Museum of Art. I value Lee and John so much, as friends and collectors. I appreciate all that they share in response to my work. I listen. Part of seeing things from another person's point of view is to listen.

Lee is an excellent wordsmith and often comes up with the most perfect titles for works of my art. She shares stories of my art that are completely from her point of view, learning about her perceptions and experiences often gives me insight.  I was pretty delighted to have John share some more creative ideas in response to my sculptures. 
It's important to have a clear vision as an artist yet also still be open enough to interacting and possibly implementing suggestions. Some of my best creations have been developed in this way.

Imagination can be a wonderful thing. Mentors, and those who walked the paths before us, influencers from wordsmiths, to musicians, and other great minds spur us beyond our own singular capabilities. I encourage you to be aware, and open to the possibilities through listening and seeing things from another person's perspective. The final part of this equation for me is gratitude. I am completely grateful for these connections with my collectors and fans.
This image I shared is one of my favs from the evening because not only are Lee and John here but I see all the other people engaged in my work. It was such a whirlwind of a night that very few images were captured of the crowd. Expect to see more photos of the exhibit after it closes, which is October 31st. 

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Priscilla Billingsley said...

Robin, I really enjoyed seeing your work! Thank you for the inspiration and congrats on your solo exhibition.