Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Featured artist of the Week on #Artworkarchive

Sometimes there are surprises that happen that can really make the week brighter and better, and this surprise of being the featured artist of the week via Artwork Archive has given me such an uplifted feeling and makes me glow a bit. You see, I was traveling last month, when I received the call that my mother had a series of strokes, I flew to her at the hospital. I stayed with her through rehab, and in her home. Now a month later I am back at my home in Florida with her. This has been a very hard month, so when I received the notice of the feature via email I missed it, however I did not miss the post on instagram which lead me to reading that I was featured, then I found the very nice email from Artwork Archive regarding the feature. I truly needed this boost. I am quite grateful.

Artwork Archive is the database specifically created for artists that I absolutely adore using for my art, collectors and galleries. I can access it wherever I am online. I can do labels, mailings, pricelists, gallery and consignment lists.  The other feature they have is called Discovery.   I can choose which piece in my database become public and can share pieces from the site online - see this is my public page.  The feature has me on their twitter banner, their instagram   and on their facebook banner too!

Good news! My mother is doing quite a bit better!

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