Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Dragonflies for your home

I happened to read this poem
 "In The Flutter Of Gossamer Wings",
here's an excerpt;
"Comes in many shapes,sizes and odd colors,
flying in such grace on those gossamer wings,
this sleek dragonfly,when seen,my soul stirs
for God in his splendor created such things!" 
Rick Fernandez Sr. 
Dragonflies buzz about my yard and pool nowadays however my first experience with them was at the "pond" that I frequently share about from my childhood. 
Older kids used to talk about them and damsel flies with fear filled wives tales that they would sew your mouth shut. Why the dragonfly would bother to do that I do not know. (insert laugh). Do you recall that tale?  

The above piece "Cattails and Dragonflies"
 can even be carried with you as your phone case

The Odonata come with much symbolism; hope, self realization, looking deeper, living life to the fullest.
What story or symbolism have you experienced with dragonflies?

The matching piece to this has a purple water lily.

I like the contract of the deep blue dragonflies against the
light blue sky and teal water. This piece "Purple Water Lily and Dragonflies" 
is also available in pillows, duvet, totes, shower curtains and prints. 

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