Thursday, June 23, 2016

A sense of peace with the Tranquil Series


During the month of May I felt an overwhelming need to create art that would resonate a sense of peace and tranquility. Hence I titled the series the 
"Tranquil Series" It began with this Dove (above)

Lean In by Robin Maria Pedrero

Alone Time by Robin Maria Pedrero

Tranquil by Robin Maria Pedrero

Tranquil Day by Robin Maria Pedrero

There are several more pieces in this small collection which can be viewed here on my Artwork Archive public page (bookmark it that page for future reference)
These are small pieces, which I consider to be little glimpses of hope. 

I created these before the horrific massacre here in my Orlando, and it is my hope that these images might give some comfort to so many who are hurting.  

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