Monday, January 02, 2017

Fresh Start by Robin Maria Pedrero

I can get caught up in playing with the matting and framing options just because it is so much fun. I truly enjoy to see what my customers on Fine Art America come up with when they purchase a fully customizable framed and matted work of art. That's what I did here in the above picture, I played with framing and matting options for the piece I created on January 1st. Fittingly titled "Fresh Start" 

This was what I shared on facebook
"I awakened this morning not expecting it because some years that just doesn't happen however this year I woke up on the 1st day of the new year of 2017 and everything seemed brand-new, everything refreshed and I rose with a sense of hope. Although the weather is dreary I see sparkles in my minds eye. "I am making all things new." Indeed. As the sun presses through the fog may we see clearly our life purposes, and leave behind what won't get us there. May I live fully in the words I heard today "Love Gushed from my heart and Blessed them unaware". Thank you for spending your precious time here with me. The image is my first painting of 2017, still wet on an 8x6"canvas board. Titled "Fresh Start" do you need this?"
The decor items for this piece look marvelous!

 The original is a small piece - a sweet little gem

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